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The power of an engaged Laundry Care buyer...

Please note that this a real case study - we've just changed the names.

The facts

Julie is a new category manager for a major household FMCG company (aka Cleanz). Laundry Care is a big, esablished category where organic growth is hard to come by. Julie had some ideas but was struggling with retailer engagement. It wasn't that the buyer didn't like Julie's ideas, he did. However the 4 other major brands in the category had presented him differing views on how to grow the category and was understanably concerned that he was being shown only selective insights.


The challenge

The challenge for the buyer was one of alignment; he was hearing conflicting 'category' stories and simply wasn't sure how much of what he was being shown was the truth. As a very proactive & experienced buyer, he was prepared to be bold with the ideas suggested, but he knew he wouldn't get these past his boss without more evidence and greater alignment from most, if not all, of his key brands.

The solution

This is an all too common problem for manufacturers; they spend a huge amount on research only to gain little retailer traction because their research says something different to their competitors. We've already learned here why this happens. Sadly, this can show shopper research in a poor light due to wasted investment and it can lead to businesses being hesitant to invest in shopper. This is one of the main reasons why our data is 100% independent; so that all subscribing parties - manufacturers & retailers - can see 100% of the insights and be confident they are seeing 100% of the facts. Not only that, but we have also already done a lot of the hard work in engaging the retailers. We work with both major retailers in Australia - Coles & Woolworths - and the top 3 retailers in the UK - Tesco, Sainsbury & Asda. In this way, our manufacturer clients can be confident that the retailers see our data as a trusted source of insight.

The results

In Julie's case we helped faciliate retailer & manufacturer workshops using our data as a key source and alignment by all majpr brands on the top 5 category issues was achieved. This led to an in-store trial of the ideas which increased sales by 17%. As a result of this trial, the major initiative of 'Detergent +1' was rolled-out to all stores. Annual weight of purchase increased by 20%.

This does not mean that working closely with retailers & manufacturers does not come without its challenges, but our clients find time & again that having both trading parties on the same page, talking the same language and focussed on a common category agenda, far outweigh any downside.