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21 May 2014
posted by: Amanda

Supermarkets; the new advice channel?

Advice channel

The traditional territory of pharmacy and specialist channels, are supermarkets looking to get a piece of the lucrative advice & diet channel?

Coles Australia has made its intentions clear this month by making an investment into not only the lucrative ‘advice channel’ but also the multi-billion dollar, fast-growing diet industry.

During March 2014, Coles has been running an in-store trial to discover the effectiveness of an in-store nutritionist and sales of certain categories.

Here are some pics taken by our research team this month:


An intro board tells the shopper what to expect - free, independent and personal advice – and this messaging is reinforced on the shopper’s journey through the store to prompt purchase at the moment of truth.

Shelf Salad veg is shown here but there’s no reason why this approach couldn’t apply to other categories such as pharmacy and beauty products for example. We’d love to hear your comments on this as well as how you’ve seen this kind of thing work – or not as the case may be! Our in-store team track trial effectiveness and it will be interesting to learn how this one goes for Coles.