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02 Feb 2015
posted by: Amanda

'Eat Well for Less' programme hits the spot with shoppers this week...

 BBC1 Eat well for less

Initial qualitative findings show that shoppers are changing their shopper habits across some of the key FMCG categories...

It's not often that shoppers quote TV programmes unprompted whilst shopping in-store and therefore we were really interested to hear how in the UK this week, in less than 5 hours of in-store research, 4 different sets of shoppers discussed the BBC programme - Eat Well for Less - featuring Greg Wallace and how it was impacting the choices they were making that day when we interviewed them.

This week's episode saw Greg & Chris with the Booth family and it was focussed on trying to save them money by cutting down on the level of stock piling at home as well as asking the family to consider switching brands to cheaper ones where they didn't notice the difference in taste.

Apart from the fact that it's always interesting to see our industry in the spotlight - as well as from a different perspective - the content included in this programme got us thinking... just how much would should our clients worry about these qualitative findings? Just how much could these two actions - if they become a quantitative trend - actually impact branded sales??

From our initial analysis....A LOT!!!

Whilst it varies by category & format to a large degree, Shopperpedia shows that on average about a fifth of all shopping trips are for 'stock-up' missions in the UK. In Australia it is slightly less but in both cases, what these qualitative findings show is that should this reduction in stock-piling take effect, the sales impact could be as much as 20% across the board.

Pause for thought.....Do you know how your category's level of stock-up mission compares to the norm?

Also when it comes to Private Label shopping, in the UK over a fifth is currently bought on Private Label. In Australia the % is lower but has a higher risk in terms of the future threat of Private Label purchasing.

Pause for thought....Do you know how your category's level of Private Label purchasing compares to the norm?

These qualitative findings may come to something, they may come to nothing. The point as far as we can see is that your business understands what drives shopper behaviour for your category and how & why this changes over time so that it can be prepared for swings that can be caused by something as 'old fashioned' as a TV programme! 

See you soon!

Good luck!